Meeting Agenda
The Business of Running Your Practice

Agenda Overview

This year's meeting features 50+ sessions focused on improving your specialty practice performance. We'll discuss ways to improve operational efficiency, increase profitability and grow your business in addition to covering the latest regulatory changes and industry trends.

Explore this year's topics and sessions below.


Session Topics

  • Compliance
  • Business Development
  • Staff Management
  • Financial Performance
  • Patient Experience & Engagement

Live & On Demand Learning

Sessions will take place virtually April 15-16 which will provide attendees the opportunity to engage with speakers and staff as part of the presentations.

After the live portion of the event concludes, all sessions and resources will remain available on demand to registered attendees until April 30.


2021 Regulatory Update
Courtney Tesvich, VP, Regulatory | Nextech

2020 was a year full of changes and updates that have greatly affected the healthcare landscape. This regulatory overview will discuss systemic regulatory changes that will affect your practice and how you use your EHR including the 21st Century Cures Act, new interoperability requirements, what's to come with HIPAA and software changes to expect in the next year.

The Breakdown: MIPS 2021 Final Rule
Heather Miller, Professional Services Consultant | Nextech

The 2021 final rule for Quality Payment Program (QPP) went into effect in January. Are you aware of the new updates? Join us for a review of program changes by category, we will also cover each MIPS category reporting timeframe in addition to documentation requirements.

MIPS Set Up & Performance Tracking
Heather Miller, Professional Services Consultant | Nextech

Develop a comprehensive plan to stay on track with your Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) program throughout the year. This session will review recommended monthly "To-Do's" as well as quarterly checkpoints to make sure you are meeting your targets. You will also learn a number of attestation tips that will make wrapping up your 2021 performance period a breeze.

Maximize Your MIPS Score
Kristi Brantley, Professional Services Consultant | Nextech

Avoid penalties and maximize reimbursements. This session will show you how to develop your MIPS strategy to maximize points and achieve positive payment adjustments. You will also learn how to utilize a MIPS checklist, schedule monthly monitoring, create quality improvement teams and foster staff engagement.

How to Perfect Direct Messaging
Kristi Brantley, Professional Services Consultant | Nextech

Interoperability has become more than a buzzword. It is now the name of the game. Direct messaging poses one of the biggest challenges to attaining high scores in the MIPS program. In this session, we will demonstrate how to make direct messaging intuitive and easy, allowing you to maximize your scores in the Health Information Exchange (HIE) Electronic Referral Loops measures.

How to Survive a MIPS Audit
Kristi Brantley, Professional Services Consultant | Nextech

Each year, 25 percent of attesting Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) providers are selected for audit. In this session, we will review auditing basics, documentation due diligence and what to do in the event your practice is selected for a MIPS audit. With a bit of planning and preparation, you can make passing a MIPS audit a breeze.

Your Annual Security Risk Assessment

Heather Miller, Professional Services Consultant | Nextech

If you are not already doing one, you should be. An Annual Security Risk Assessment is required for practices as part of the Promoting Interoperability measure. In this session, we will discuss the physical, technical and administrative controls needed to keep your practice HIPAA compliant.

The Financial Impact of MIPS
Heather Miller, Professional Services Consultant | Nextech

2021 is slated to be the final year of a defined penalty avoidance score. In the future, practices will be measured against the mean and face a 9% penalty on their Part B claims for failure to perform well in the program. With this change, bonus amounts will also be higher. This session, will explore the financial and reputational risks, or benefits, your practice could face depending on performance.

Implementing a Quality Improvement Team
Christine Schiff, Director, Product Management Regulatory Strategy | Nextech

Succeed in today's value-focused healthcare environment by developing and implementing an in-practice Quality Improvement Team. This session will provide a blue print for elevating your practice-wide quality initiatives while ensuring providers achieve maximum MIPS reporting success in 2021.

Reducing Cybersecurity Risk In Your Practice
Brian Sobus, Chief Technology Officer | Nextech

Healthcare is being targeted by cybercriminals, resulting in 79 percent of all reported data breaches coming from the healthcare sector. This is partially due to the vulnerability created by only a quarter of healthcare workers having received cybersecurity training. This session, will review the most common cybersecurity threats, how to identify them and ways to reduce risk for your practice. Don’t fall victim.

Interoperability & Data Blocking
Courtney Tesvich, VP, Regulatory | Nextech

In this session, we will review the Office of National Coordinator (ONC) and Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) final rules on Interoperability and Data Blocking. Discover the new requirements that will affect your practice and what changes you can expect to see in your EHR, as well as what you need to do to prepare your practice for compliance with these new rules.

E/M Coding Changes
Christine Schiff, Director, Product Management Regulatory Strategy | Nextech

January 1st, 2021 marked the biggest change to Evaluation and Management Services (E/M) coding guidelines in more than two decades. Is your practice coding appropriately to be in compliance? Review the coding and documentation changes, new Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) requirements and time versus Medical Decisions Making (MDM) guidelines.

What You Need to Know: PDMP & EPCS Compliance
Kaitlin Rouantree, Regulatory Product Analyst | Nextech

Learn how mandates for prescription drug monitoring programs (PDMP) and electronically prescribing controlled substances (EPCS) will affect your practice today and in the future. This session will include a highlight of the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services' (CMS) recent update to the SUPPORT Act in addition to next steps in combatting the opioid crisis.

HIPAA Requirement Changes & What To Do To Prepare
Courtney Tesvich, VP, Regulatory | Nextech

The Office for Civil Rights (OCR) released a proposed rule to modify the current HIPAA Privacy Rule. Join us for a review of the proposed changes and learn what your practice needs to do to prepare for this new level of interoperability and data sharing.

The Crisis Ready Practice: Developing an Effective Risk Management Strategy
Jocelin Ing, Professional Services Consultant | Nextech

Develop a risk management plan to ensure your practice is prepared in the event of a crisis.. This session will cover how to conduct a threat assessment, analyze potential risks, as well as how to create and implement a plan that includes the right team, resources and procedures to mitigate those risks.

Implementing Registry/ QCDR MIPS Measures for Dermatology
Randy Marsden & Renee Freyer | MarsdenAdvisors

Did you know there are 28 additional dermatology-specific measures available via a registry integration? Learn how to identify and setup the most relevant ones to optimize your documentation and future-proof yourself as CMS continues to drop or cap current measures, even if you already have enough measures to report.

Implementing Registry/ QCDR MIPS Measures for Ophthalmology
Randy Marsden & Kate Ruiz | MarsdenAdvisors

Did you know there are 39 additional ophthalmology-specific measures available via a registry integration? Learn how to identify and setup the most relevant ones to optimize your documentation and future-proof yourself as CMS continues to drop or cap current measures, even if you already have enough measures to report.


Business Development

Developing SOP's for Your Practice
Zachary Cain, Product Manager | Nextech

Does your practice have a set of standard operation procedures (SOP)? How long has it been since they were reviewed? Regardless of where you land on the SOP preparedness scale, we can all agree that SOPs are a vital component to the long-term success of your practice. Join us for an overview of how to develop SOPs focused on improving practice operations.

Determining Key Performance Indicators for Your Practice
Robin Ntoh, Professional Services Manager | Nextech

Improvement starts with managing, measuring and using the right data. Focusing on the right Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) can identify opportunities for improvement as well as put a spotlight on your practice’s strongest performing areas. Learn what KPIs your practice should focus on as well as how to track and measure changes to improve outcomes.

Convert More Consultations
Michelle Jones, Sr Professional Services Consultant | Nextech

For high volume elective practices, successfully converting consultations into procedures is one of the most important factors in determining a practice’s success. Join this session for an overview of ways your practice can increase consultation conversions. We'll discuss the critical role of a patient/surgical coordinator as well as best practices for patient communication and follow up. We will also cover effective tools for patient tracking and strategies for maintaining patient engagement.

Improving Front & Back Office Efficiency
Jocelin Ing, Professional Services Consultant | Nextech

Are poorly designed processes costing your practice time and money? This session will show you how to increase productivity and patient satisfaction by redesigning your current front and back office processes. We'll help you simplify time-consuming tasks and improve bottlenecks to increase efficiency and offer a better patient experience.

Inventory Management Best Practices
Eric Olmstead, Sr Implementation Specialist | Nextech

Poor inventory management could be costing you more than you realize. It's time to take control, improve costs, reduce losses and add thousands of dollars to your bottom line. We'll show you how!

Embracing Exam Room Technology
Zachary Cain, Product Manager | Nextech

Technology has drastically changed the face of healthcare over the last 20 years and (let’s be honest) it’s only going to continue evolving at a rapid pace. Preparing and equipping your practice for the future of healthcare not only ensures your long-term success as a business but also impacts the overall quality of care and experience you can provide to your patients.

Clinical Efficiency & Workflow Optimization
Jocelin Ing, Professional Services Consultant | Nextech

Put more time back in your day with clinical efficiency and workflow improvements that'll not only improve your patient care experience but help you leave work on time and eliminate after hours charting.

Grow & Optimize Your Referral Network
Melissa Monroe, Professional Services Consultant | Nextech

Developing and properly managing a referral network can seem like a daunting task, but it doesn't have to be. In this session, we'll show you how to build and maintain a referral network, analyze referral performance, diversify referral sources and grow your practice. You'll also learn how to collect and compare the right data to set achievable referral goals.

Staff Management

Building a High Performing Team
Rich Bishop, VP, Sales Operations | Nextech

Maintaining the right office culture can affect every aspect of your practice from staff performance to the patient care experience. Learn how the following three simple rules can transform your practice staff into a high-performing team.

Developing Superusers at Your Practice
Samantha McAlister, Director, Professional Services | Nextech

Learn how to implement the Superuser role at your practice to drive long term product optimization and internal accountability. Having multiple Superusers at your practice also protects you in the event of staff turnover.

Preventative Action to Combat Physician Burnout
Jocelin Ing, Professional Services Consultant | Nextech

Long hours, overwhelming workloads and lack of support are among the top causes of burnout for physicians, but finding more balance is not as difficult as you might think. Join us to learn new methods for preventing and battling burnout.

Developing Workplace Culture
Rebecca Sanford, Chief People Officer | Nextech

Create a workplace culture based on corporate values designed to improve employee satisfaction and productivity. In this session, we will discuss hiring, onboarding, compensation, paid time off (PTO), code of conduct and employee relations.

Diversity & Inclusion in Your Practice
Nicole Clemens, Sr Director, People & Culture | Nextech

This session will explore what diversity, equality and inclusion (DEI) mean and why they are important for your practice from a healthcare provider and employee standpoint. We will also explore ideas on how to create a simple DEI strategy for employment and hiring.

Labor Law & Compliance
Natalie Schaap, General Counsel | Nextech

Learn how you can ensure labor compliance in your practice with a review of common labor laws including Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), Fair Labor Standards and policies around leave, benefits and more.

Tighten Up User Permissions
Heather Holland, Sr Implementation Specialist | Nextech

Permissions are the actions assigned to a role that a user can perform. Granting inappropriate levels of access to staff members can cause data loss, theft, and HIPAA violations. Utilize the power of role-based user permissions control to limit exposure and minimize risk. We'll review why user permissions are important, the benefit to your practice of using role-based permission best practices, and overall maintenance of your permissions as your practice changes.

Financial Performance

The Future of Price Transparency
Michelle Jones, Sr Professional Services Consultant | Nextech

While ongoing litigation over price transparency makes the future difficult to predict, a growing number of state and federal regulators are already requiring providers to furnish cost estimates to patients. This will likely become the industry standard in addition to providing cost-sharing responsibility details before providing services. Join us for a review of what you need to know to support changing price transparency requirements and patient demands.

Analyzing Financial Performance & Risk In Your Practice
Colleen Dunlop, VP, Controller | Nextech

Preparedness is key to a practice's financial survival. However, proper preparedness means first taking a hard and honest look at a practice's current financial health. From the final quarter of 2020 through the end of 2021, there will likely continue to be a lot of uncertainty surrounding financial risks faced by private healthcare practices. Start creating your roadmap for mitigating these risks today!

What's Costing My Practice Revenue
Phuong Nguyen, Clinical Product Consultant | Nextech

Who is the weak link in your practice? Not knowing the answer could be costing your practice more than you realize. In this session, you will learn to identify areas of inefficiency where staff are costing your practice money or failing to generate revenue. Find out what you can do to set up your staff (and practice) up for success.

Increase Patient Volume & Appointment Revenue
Michelle Jones, Sr Professional Services Consultant | Nextech

How you control your schedule has a direct impact on your revenue and can determine your continued success in growing your practice. In this session you'll learn ways to optimize your schedule while also reviewing things like workflows and clinical efficiency which have a direct impact on your patient volume.

Improving Payment Efficiency & Security
Robin Ntoh, Professional Services Manger | Nextech

With the increase in patient responsibility, taking payments efficiently and securely is more important than ever. This starts with understanding the latest advances in technology, the importance of an integrated payments solution and the latest fraud incidents. A sneak peek into Nextech Payments will also demonstrate the advantages this solution can offer your practice.

Improve Practice Billing Performance
Melissa Monroe, Professional Services Consultant | Nextech

Is your practice maximizing revenue with each visit? Managing denials, increasing collections and scrubbing or resubmitting claims are just a few basic revenue cycle management (RCM) activities that practices must accomplish. In this session, you will learn how to protect your cash flow and ensure practice profitability with a RCM strategy that tracks key billing metrics and follows best practices for revenue success.

Month End Best Practices & Financial Reporting
Michelle Jones, Sr Professional Services Consultant | Nextech

Does your practice struggle to maintain consistent financial processes and reporting from one month to the next? In this session, we will discuss best practices for preparing for a financial close and what post-close reporting your practice should doing to help you keep track of practice performance, outstanding A/R and inventory.

Improve Your Practice Profit Margin
Robin Ntoh, Professional Services Manager | Nextech

Success is often defined by a practice's profitability. However, some struggle with understanding and controlling their profit margins. This session will show you how to formulate and review your practice's gross profit margin as well as how to identify and manage costs that may be cutting into profits.

Patient Experience & Engagement

Marketing Your Practice Effectively
Robin Ntoh, Professional Services Manager | Nextech

How much does it cost you to acquire a patient? Your marketing efforts significantly impact your patient acquisition cost, and your strategies need to be effective. In this session we'll review understanding your market, enriching your data and measuring success.

Increase Patient Acquisition While Reducing Costs
Enrique Rangel, VP, MyMedLeads | Nextech

Marketing effectiveness is measured by how well a medical practice’s marketing strategy increases revenue while reducing costs. Join us to learn how to create a "marketing funnel" and marketing budget that will allow you to invest for success.

Essential Pre-Encounter Patient Engagement
Robin Ntoh, Professional Services Manager | Nextech

Does your practice have a pre-encounter patient engagement strategy? If not, it could be leading to lost patients and revenue. In this session, we will review pre-appointment strategies to reduce no-shows and cancellations, increase patient conversions and support a better in-office patient experience.

Set Your Practice Apart: Offering White Glove Service
Michelle Jones, Sr Professional Services Consultant | Nextech

From the moment a patient contacts your practice, they start forming their first impression and every engagement they have throughout the patient journey alters their opinion of your business. Set your practice apart by offering your patients white glove service. In this session we'll discuss simple things you can do to ensure you're providing an exceptional patient care experience.

Contactless Workflows for Safer Patient Encounters
Curtis Vognet, Product Manager | Nextech

Discover the various clinical and administrative workflow modifications you can make to reduce exposure risk for staff and patients. This session will cover every aspect of the patient journey from pre-encounter to checkout and everything in between.

Dealing with Difficult Patients
Melissa Monroe, Professional Services Consultant | Nextech

Whether your patient is angry, manipulative or a pain in the a** (PITA), there are right (and wrong) ways to deal with them. Remember, not all patients are the same so a unique approach is needed for each. This session will give you strategies to more effectively deal with challenging patients.

Retention, Ratings & Continued Engagement
Robin Ntoh, Professional Services Manager | Nextech

Did you know it is 6 to 7 times more costly to acquire a new patient than to keep an existing one? This session will teach you how to manage patient relationships, build patient trust and maintain a positive online reputation. We will also cover how modern technology and conveniences can aid in patient retention.

Bridging the Gap Between Patients & the Portal
Curtis Vognet, Product Manager | Nextech

Fun fact: 80% of patients who adopt the portal will return to a practice within 18 months. Let us show you helpful ways to teach your patients the advantages of using the portal for their visits in addition to streamlining your check-in and clinical intake procedures in your practice today.

Driving Value with Virtual Care
Kathy Claytor, Sr Product Manager | Nextech

The lockdowns in response to the spread of COVID-19 accelerated telehealth adoption and added new alternatives for patient care, but the expansion of its use will not stop with the pandemic's end. Undoubtedly, telehealth is here to stay. This session will show you how to develop a telehealth strategy for your practice that meets patient expectations and adds value to your business. We will also cover other virtual care features to compliment telehealth.

Delivering Access & Convenience Across the Patient Journey
Jonathan Shivers & Julie Catron | Relatient

Medical practices have spent the last year adapting to new ways of delivering care during the COVID-19 pandemic, including the rapid adoption of telehealth and many changes to procedures and policies. Now, practices and medical providers have the added objectives of vaccine distribution and reducing gaps in care to re-engage patients, fill the schedule, and recover revenue. Nextech users are doing this with Relatient’s fully-digital patient engagement platform. See the use cases to learn how different specialties are leveraging mobile-first patient communication, digital registration and intake, and billing to deliver better outcomes, drive higher patient satisfaction and speed the revenue cycle. We’ll cover lessons learned during COVID-19 and how to sustain them long term to deliver the access and convenience patients expect and the outcomes for healthy medical practices.

The Decision to Outsource Medical Billing and What to Look for in A Billing Partner
Sam Ambrose , Greg Meadows & Dr. Michael Sherman | Encoda

This panel discussion explores important criteria physicians and executives must consider when contemplating a move from in-house billing to an outsourced arrangement with a professional medical billing company. Our panelists will discuss their experience making the transition, including what they discovered about their in-house billing, the challenges they faced, their consideration of the pros and cons of an outsourced arrangement, and the benefits they’ve recognized once the transition was made. This session will provide tips on what to consider when evaluating billing companies, including the use of web-based software to maintain important visibility into the billing cycle, keeping informed and in control at all times.


Revive and Restore Flow
Laura Talafer | Laura Talafer Yoga

In this class we'll tie together breath and movement through a series of seated, standing and balance postures. The gentle, grounding warm up focuses on bringing awareness to the way you move, breathe and feel. An energetic standing sequence focused on strength, stability and flexibility will build internal heat before winding down with restorative floor based postures. The goal of this class is to feel revived and restored, with a renewed sense of mind, body and soul. All levels welcome.